Architecture is one of the human activities with the greatest impact on the environment. Today’s construction is an unprecedented consumer of non-renewable materials, energy, land, and the largest producer of waste in Switzerland.

Faced with the fragility of our environment, the overexploitation of resources, global warming and the depletion of biodiversity, it is up to us to react and to change things.

Physalide was born out of our desire to question the now conventional practices of architecture and to explore ecological and sustainable alternative solutions, to rediscover the link between human beings and nature, and to offer a healthy and harmonious built environment.

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«Housing is responsible for 24% of Switzerland's environmental impact.»

Environment Switzerland 2018, Report of the Federal Council


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Regarding the environment

We are developing an architecture aiming at circular economy and reduced carbon footprint by taking into account needs and constraints from the very beginning of the project. We favour the use of bio-sourced, recycled and reused materials from short circuits. We plan to optimise energy use, minimise waste and promote biodiversity.

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Regarding the built heritage

We refuse the automatic principle « raze to rebuild » and prefer to add, renovate and transform existing buildings in a process of respect and integration into the built and natural environment.

The existing should not be seen as a handicap, but as a rich and fertile resource for today’s projects.

moulding of an adobe

Regarding the human being

We have at heart to meet the needs and desires of the client and to create a healthy environment for the user by emphasising natural materials, a pleasant indoor climate and good air quality.

We also attach great importance to valuing the work of craftsmen in the construction industry.

«Our current architecture violates common sense.»

Yona Friedman, The architecture of survival


Feasibility study

You wish to build, renovate or extend, but are uncertain about the laws, the building potential or the costs? We can provide you with an analysis of the legal framework of your project, different possible scenarios and their associated costs, in the aim of defining your project together by highlighting its potential.


You have a dream to make come true? We reflect with you to bring your ideas to life, we advise you and accompany you in your choices. From the first sketch to the plans for public enquiry, we develop and rework every detail for a project that suits you.


In order to guarantee the quality and consistency of your project, we assist you during the construction phase. We develop detail and execution plans and monitor the construction phase so that your ideas emerge correctly from the ground.

New building / renovation

We place a strong emphasis on renovation/transformation in our practice as a key lever in the ecological transition. We also design new buildings in which we explore green architectural and technical solutions in line with sustainable development with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of the building.

Project coaching

We conceive the architectural project as a human adventure above all, and thus wish to support participative/collaborative approaches in self-planning and self-construction. We believe that this is a key to greater user resilience and a rich appropriation of the building, as well as a reservoir of collective intelligence for tenfold creativity at the service of innovative solutions.

Eco-materials expertise

Architecture is inseparable from the materials of which it is composed. A well-thought-out ecological building must be built with materials that respect the environment and human beings. We bring you our expertise to select together the appropriate materials and technical systems for your project.


Alexia Schneider

Alexia Schneider
Architect EPF | Associate


Damien Schneider

Damien Schneider
Architect EPF | Associate





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