In permaculture, a weed (called “adventice” in french) is a pioneer plant whose function is to prepare the ground and correct its deficiencies. In the same way, this project wants to be a pioneer in the hamlet of Bourguillon by paving the way for a real ecological transition.

orientation and access scheme

This place of life is built around two buildings articulated at different levels according to the topography of the land, thus limiting earth movements during construction. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists will rub shoulders between orchards, planted flowerbeds, playgrounds and vegetable gardens.

situation plan of the neighborhood legend cross section of the right wing of the building cross section of the left wing of the building

On the first floor are the local shops and the multi-purpose community space. The rest of the building is enveloped by a glass facade to the south, which serves as a protection against road noise, as a greenhouse to capture solar gains in winter, as a natural ventilation system, as a place to circulate, to relax, to exchange and to meet.

upper ground floor plan lower ground floor plan scheme of the interior climate

The interior organization of the apartments follows a bioclimatic logic. The living spaces are located to the south, thus benefiting from the heat of the greenhouse in winter. The bedrooms, which are cooler, are located to the north and protected from the cold by thick bio-based insulation. The kitchens and sanitary facilities, sources of heat for the adjoining spaces, are grouped in the center of the apartment.

ventilation diagram typical floor plan

The flexibility of the units is guaranteed by a variety of different sizes and possible layouts. In addition, the rational load-bearing structure provided by the facade walls and the south wall of the rooms, as well as the generous ceiling height, allow flexibility and reversibility of the building over the long term.

structural diagram

Except for the basement, the entire load-bearing structure is made of local wood. The wood-frame walls use small, easily sourced elements and are braced with wood panels. The cavities thus formed are filled with biobased insulation or excavated earth to meet the requirements of insulation, acoustics or phase shift.

diagram of water recycling in the building

The water cycle of the building is also virtuous thanks to the collection of rainwater from the roof, its use by the residents and the recycling of grey water by lombrifilter. Urine and black water are separated and the latter is treated by a lombrifilter, thus producing a quality fertilizer for the garden. The water leaving the circuit passes through a final planted filter before joining a pond and infiltrating into the soil or evaporating.

building energy diagram

The building covers a maximum of its electricity needs with photovoltaic panels on the roof and on the spandrels of the glass façade.

project model