As part of the extension project of the University of Zurich, the old university buildings on the plot “Am Schanzenberg” have to be demolished. Invited in an academic framework for the planning of the new buildings, our proposal based itself on a precise and sensitive analysis of the existing site, constructions and life of the area.

cover analysis university text introduction book with photos of interior spaces photo of an existing glass facade

This preliminary work revealed the beauties and qualities of the existing situation and led to deny the “tabula rasa” assumption of the brief, allowing the project to take place through addition and not destruction. This method is not new as it has already forged the identity of the campus where buildings of different epochs and styles coexist, surrounded by green areas and plazas, fostering a stimulating environment to learn, teach, work and discover.

schemes of space occupation in a university building building users testimonies analysis of floor covering technical analysis of the building

This work was done in the frame of a Master Thesis and is an example of the care Physalide develops in the study and in the understanding of the existing, before starting to design its architectural projects.

analysis of exterior spaces summary of qualities both objective and subjective collage of university buildings different identities of Zurich university campus interdependency of the programmes towards an architecture of addition and transformation