plans and sections of the four bathrooms


Four bathrooms in this semi-detached house have been given a new look. The layout has been revised to make better use of the available space and the project plays on textures and natural colours, which contrasts with the sparkling touch of the taps and the accessories dear to the owner.

sketch of the main bathroom before and after plan of the transformation of the main bathroom material samples

Physalide had the pleasure to accompany the client in the definition of the desired atmosphere, the choice of materials and equipment, the estimation of the associated costs as well as in the follow-up of the construction site.

design process visualisation of the main bathroom

In an effort to reduce waste and enter the circular economy loop, the old sanitary appliances were dismounted by Promaison, a foundation for professional reintegration, which recovers these materials to give them a second life.

photo washbasin, tap and mirror photo of new drawers and shelves in an existing cupboard

Here, a new tap was installed on an old washbasin; there, the existing cupboard was fitted with interior storage for greater convenience. It’s possible to make something new out of something « old »!

photo of oak niche photo of basin and oak cabinet photo of the shower fittings and tiles

The plasters used are lime dyed in the mass and produced by a Swiss company which offers building materials of natural origin. These plasters provide a warm, colourful and uniquely textured touch to the bathroom and make it possible to do without a coat of paint.

overall picture of the main bathroom photo of the blue lime plaster

The choice of these plasters for areas not subject to splashing was made with a dual purpose: aesthetic, of course, and ecological. Indeed, the application of such a plaster saves about 4/5 of the CO2 emissions compared to the laying of tiles.

overall picture of the guest toilet photo mirror, washbasin and plaster photo of the oak cabinet and the large mirror

The furniture was tailor-made in FSC-certified solid oak by a Geneva-based carpenter, ensuring better quality, longevity and an ecological footprint than industrial furniture, which is often made of chipboard.

Apart from Promaison, which is located in the canton of Vaud, all the companies selected are located within a 13km radius of the project in order to support the local economy.

photo at the entrance to the main bathroom